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frankie goes mad for local band
Former Gangland Enforcer 'Mad Frankie Fraser' met up with Indie band The Longsands on a flying visit to Newcastle recently and tipped the five piece band for success in 2012. The band who hail from Cramlington are set to release their debut album 'Meet Me In Spanish City' in June this year on 'Unknown Soldier' Records met Fraser 89, at a talk in event in Newcastle. Fraser said, " The band has a great look and their music captures the way this generation is feeling right now. I'm sure that they will do well and I'd advise that people buy the album or I might have to pay them a visit. "

Rhythm guitarist and writer Ian Barnes and lead singer Trevor Cox chatted to the former Richardson henchman about his life of crime and about their hopes for stardom. Barnes said, " It was a pleasure to meet Frankie and I'm just glad he liked the music. There's not a lot we could do if he didn't! 2011 was a great year for the band with a few festivals and a chance to play in front of 52,000 at St James Park. This year it's all about the album and we have some great support gigs coming up in the next few months with 'Cast' and 'The Farm.' Tickets for the Longsands and The Farm are available by logging onto www.playersincevents.co.uk