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Longsands Gig Review Support CAST @ The O2 Academy
The Stones Roses, Happy Monday, and erm Dodgy a few of indie bands that have reformed this year along with other ‘Britpop’ legends - Cast. Noel Gallagher once described watching Cast as a ‘religious experience’ a glowing endorsement if there ever was one! At the time Cast & Supergrass were the bands I never got to see live so to be given a second chance this was a must see gig for me.

Local band The Longsands were one of the support acts along with Cold Shoulder. Due to a mix up our local hero’s had been moved to an earlier stage time and unfortunately didn’t get the audience they deserved, although they will have surely picked up a few more fans along the way especially ending on the crowd pleasing high of ‘Little Britain.’ Roll on the album launch night at Newcastle University on the 8th June – a night when they will get the crowd they deserve. Big things can be expected from these boys – it’s a shame the support acts for The Stone Roses have already been decided.

With any reformed band there is a new album, and that new album needs toured and that new album from Cast is Troubled Times an apt title what with the recent news from the budget and the panic buying of overpriced fuel.

The band turned on and tuned up and John Power entered stage left like a proper Rock & Roll star – although at 45 he still looks like he’d get ID’d for a scratch card – evidence he may not have taken advantage of living the Rock & Roll lifestyle to excess. More evidence of this was reaching for the acoustic guitar to strum out the first of three tracks from the new album, which is a lot more acoustic based than the previous albums and a bit more country driven with a hint of The Doors? I’ll leave that for you to decided and ultimately disagree with!

Polite applause and approving nods accompanied all the new material which truth be told was very well received. However when the guitar tech passed over the white Fender Stratocaster the moments we all came for had arrived! All the 90’s, slightly balding, indie heads in there, strained round the middle aged spread, Adidas tracksuit tops and Pretty Green T-Shirts had been waiting for a tune from All Change – the first song we we’re treated to was ‘Finetime’, and that’s when the night really started. ‘Sandstorm’ was preceded with an impromptu jam due to John Powers having guitar issues, ‘Walkaway’ the ‘lighter in the air anthem quickly followed. Forgotten hits ‘Free Me’ & ‘Guiding Star’ were a treat from the album Mother Nature Calls. An encore with ‘Alright’ and ‘History’ was possibly the highlight of the night and an audience went home happy.

The night was more than ‘Alright’ and we had more than a ‘Finetime.’ First of the reformed bands I’ve seen – so far so very good!

Simon Alderson